My Unrealistic Escapade


Yes, That is me :P

My friend and I went to the city yesterday. We met at the Orchard train station, lingered around the area and ate for a while then walked to Somerset. It was wonderful to reunite with my awesome bud Kurano again. :)
It's difficult to find time to spend with friends other than those who's in your school. So yeah, I'm quite grateful that we had a day out even if it only lasted for about an hour and a half.

She keeps teasing me about the wrinkles on my forehead in this picture. LOL.

I made her wait for me for about two and a half hours. Gosh, I'm such a horrible person. It was due to the fact the travel time from where I live to the city took a LONG time. I treated her to some fancy milk tea after we met since I felt so damn guilty. :P We chatted the whole time and played the game " Stop being.." and would say something random that we read.
We walked along Orchard road mindlessly spouting nonsense from our mouths. It went something like this;

" Stop being a Starbucks" 
"Stop being a H&M"
"Stop being an Orchard Road"
"Stop being  a Shuttle service here"

It was stupid, yes. But it kept us giggling and just senseless fun. Gosh, we're lame. Haha.

She helped me take this picture of me which turned out pretty good for me. 
Forgive my not so pleasant face. :P

Aside from that, MY MOM OFFERED TO PAY FOR A SHIRT THAT I BOUGHT. Obviously, I accepted it within a blink of an eye. I went to find something nice at Zara, Topshop/Topman, A&F and Cotton On. Since my mom was paying for it, I didn't want to purchase something too expensive. In the end, I bought a denim acid wash shirt at cotton on. :)

I get this excited feeling whenever I'm shopping for clothes. I know I'm weird. Haha.

That was pretty much it for yesterday. Today was quite dull, depressing even. I expected to pass my maths but to my dismay, I did not.

Bye people! :)

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