Bitter medicine


Subject: Bitter gourd (Bitter melon)
Medium: Colour pencil 

When I visited the wet market last week, a stack of bitter gourds caught my eye. Not because it had a huge "BUY 5 for $2" signboard on top of it (or did I?), but because the texture of the bitter gourds was just mesmerizing. It had this unique bumpy texture to it and I could not help but think about drawing a piece when I reach home. "Beautifully Grotesque" instantly popped in my mind when I started to appreciate the texture of this vegetable.

After reaching home, I took out my alcohol-based colour markers and started to outline and render the image of the bitter gourd that I had bought. I did not feel content with the outcome and somehow even felt that I did no justice to its wondrous skin. Then, I took out my colour pencils and redo the whole process and buala! :)

After drawing it, I was still bored and cut it into pieces. I had fun making this "church" haha. 

Sagrada Familia ( Spain ) - Bitter gourd version! :D

 I better get off the computer and start to sleep. School awaits for me tomorrow and I need rest to not be cranky. Good Night :)

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