Picture of the day:

Yesterday, I went out with my friends to town, Orchard and Somerset to be specific. 

Oh my gahd. Say Hai My Fwiendz.
[From left to right; Joshua, Natasah & Kirra]

First of all, we met up at Food Republic in Wisma Atria. We ate lunch before proceeding to the Shaw Theatres. Originally, we planned to watch Step Up revolution but everyone decided to watch a horror film instead. We ended watching The Possesion instead. 

Being such the manliest man that I was born to be, I could'nt help but cover my eyes at some of the suspenseful scenes. I resorted to divert my attention into eating popcorn and tried not to look at the screen when it gets horribly scary. I found myself with my hands placed in the middle of my face, my fingers sandwhiching the bridge of my nose. It was a good movie. least better than Sadako (2012).

Finally feeling warmth as we left Shaw House, we roamed the streets of town. We entered and left some malls and stopped by H&M. Natasah bought a pair of blue pants and Kirra, a black shirt form himself.
I did'nt really find anything for myself and just took a H&M Magazine Fall 2012.

Oooh. Perfect Lighting.

Kirra dreaming to be taller.
Purple Background  :*D

We were tired from walking and found a place to sit, eat and chat, we even played the "Brag" game. Time flew as we talked nonsensically.

See you on the flip side! :)

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