Hello there, Mr. Fancy Pants.


Derp face.

As you can guess by now, I had dinner at Jack's Place last night. The food was divine.. at least the starters were. I didn't really enjoy the main course for some odd reason. Aside from the dinner, my week was as bland as a raw potato. Nothing eventful, really. Just loads of school work. It's nerve wrecking that O levels is in a months time. I'm not ready yet currently, and I'm having a hard time. Hopefully, everything will end well. Me laughing with my friends in January and being accepted to a polytechnic. Ah, that would be bliss. For now, I need to revise more! :/ I'd love to be able to study Fine Arts at NAFA and teach after that but, I think the "new media" course at Republic Polytechnic is also interesting. I believe it's a course about design. That should be a good stepping stone for me. Hopefully, I can just reach it first. ;)

Woah, I just remembered I have TONS of assignments to finish. Bye people! :D

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