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Hola Amigos!
Last week until now was amazing. It was stressful but, it was filled with activities too. It was an enjoyable experience going out with the company of my friends frequently during this span of time. Last week, we were cramming for our preparatory work for our Art "O" levels. I can't reveal my work to the internet since it's national exam material, but I can show you a picture of me doing spray-paint work.

By the time we were released from school, our stomachs would grumble and we would be starving. Our trip then would either be to a nearby food court, a mall or some affordable restaurant.

Seafood Spaghetti @ Manhattan Fish Market 

Chicken Biryani @ Northpoint Kopitiam

Occasionally, we eat breakfast at MacDonald's before heading to school.

Unhealthy fast food. :(

I'm not really a fan on fast food, but I recently developed a like for MacDonald's. Such Sinful Bast*rd.

We went to Natasha's flat last Saturday to "lepak"(relax) and enjoy dinner prepared by her mother. On the way there, we passed by this Evangelist Church which lighted up with different colours. It looked so modern, different from your average church visually.

View from ground level

View from the window at Natasha's living room. 

Aside from the illuminated church, here's some things at her home. :)

How sweet of her mom to cook Lontong and Spaghetti for us.

Last monday, we visited the swimming complex at Jurong west too! Kirra, Natasha and myself swam but, Nazira did not. She did her homework instead. Applause for the hard working girl!

I think that sums up the significant activities that went on last week until today. Sadly, I think I have failed the 30 day challenge miserably. LOL. So I'm quite unsure if I should continue that or not. Okay, love you people! Bye :)

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