Joke of the day:
"Why did the mushroom date the other mushroom?"
"Because she was looking for a FUNgi."

No? Okay, enough of my lame jokes.

Me and my mom woke up early this morning to prepare for the farm trip. It was a family-oriented trip to three farms; Mushroom farm, Fish farm and the Bollywood Vegetable farm. It was organized by my mother's current company, RSP. It was actually quite a refreshing experience, it even made me feel nostalgic of my country Philippines. The trip had its highlights and I believe its too overwhelming (or bothersome) to put some of these moments to words, so enjoy this spread of photos :)

Note: I'm not being lazy like a snorlax. (actually I am) "A picture is worth a thousand words", right?

Huh, What did you say?
"Oh my, those are wonderful amateur photographs that an amateur photographer took."?
Well, yes it is. ( Thank you Captain Obvious )

One of the highlights of this trip was the FOOD. Oh My Goodness. The ingredients they used was hand-plucked  and genuinely fresh. The savoury taste of those stir-fried Oyster and Shiitake mushrooms was simply divine. Our lunch at the vegetable farm was AMAZING too. It had these rustic flavours to it and the quality and freshness of the ingredients made it all the more to die for

I also had the chance to see the charming Mrs. Ivy Singh Lim during the trip. With her sheated knife and a certain ambience that she brought with her, she won the hearts of most RSP trip goers. The dining area was filled with laughter and chatter, it had a very upbeat mood to it. 

Also, there was this book that was written by this special lovely girl, Oh Siew May. 

I encourage other people to purchase this book. The scribbling on the front page of the book never fails to make me smile. Heck, if the message written by Oh Siew May herself doesn't win you over, the content of the book is really worth it. I have only read a few pages of it and yet, it has brought tears to my eyes. It is truly moving and very humbling. If that STILL did not make you want to buy the book, I am really happy to say that the Bollywood Farm gives ALL the profit made by the sales of the book to Siew May herself. Isn't that wonderful?

I had a wonderful time together with my mom today :) I actually plan to draw something inspired by this trip. Maybe next time?

Bye people! :D 

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