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Good evening there fellas' 
At around 20 mins time, I'm going downstairs to have dinner with my mom :) it has been around a week or two since we ate together (Not including watching Bollywood shows popping highly fattening edible items in our mouths). I am craving for some tofu or seafood right now.. ..yum! I plan on sleeping early today so I wont get sleepy, "blur" (Which I always am) and light-headed like in school today.

Speaking of school, today is the first day of the second semester in our school. Aside from the sudden burst of gay seeing our friends and peers again,  it was uneventful, dull and just.. Boring.
It was just a replay of the monotonous routine we always do during school hours. 
Sit.Greet.Sit.Listen.Notes.Say goodbye,Wait for the next teacher to come in. The Cycle continues.
Time would pass by arguably slow but, at times when our interests are caught, fast.

I probably felt as apathetic as most of my classmates.

The only "Happy Day" (as I call it) I had in school is on Tuesdays. I would enjoy a whole day of just English, Art and Self Study time. Sometimes, I would even wish that art class would just extend for like an hour or more-but that would just annoy the hell out of my art classmates. Hahaha. I would be free from the grasp of numerical values and concepts, all the while exploring and nurturing thought-provoking ideas and ways of presenting and delivering it to my audience. 
"Mind your priorities, They are messed up." my mother would say, I would just give a chuckle in response.

Now, Its GONE. I feel saddened.

So.. ..yeah. Goodnight everyone :)

note: I forgot to publish this last night, it was supposed to be my post for yesterday :P

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